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5 reasons you should switch to organic hair colour

1-Help support your hair during the growth process: Organics give your follicles the nutrients they need to grow longer, stronger strands, enhance your hair’s natural shine and moisturise the hair from the inside out. Organics will help repair damage by sealing your split ends and rejuvenate lifeless strands, reinforce your hair structure and improve your overall hair health to prevent premature ageing caused by environmental stress.

2- Keeps your hair follicles and roots healthy: rather than just colouring your hair, the natural ingredients of the organic hair colour add nutrient essential to promote wellbeing of the roots.

3- All time safety guaranteed because of its use of only natural elements:, it can be used by older adults with soft and tender skin , and even pregnant women and people with hypersensitive skin allergies.

4- Happier scalp: your skin enjoys being treated in a soothing and tender manner, organic hair colour is very gentle on the skin and scalp because it lacks any synthetic or chemical ingredients that cause harm. Even when absorbed it does good for the skin rather than bad

5- Helping the planet: because 100%organic hair colour is eco-friendly and not harmful when washed down the drain according to the environmental protection agency (EPA). Washing personal cosmetic products like hair dye down the drain can leech contaminants into water supplies and contribute to pollution.

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