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Another lockdown taking it's toll.

We are only a few days away from the end of 2020 and what a year it has been.

Do you remember the year 2016? Where everyone thought that was a tough year? Where a

lot of our childhood heroes died, Brexit happened, America voted for Trump etc.

The list is endless.

Back then we probably thought that so much madness compressed into tiny 365 days would be impossible.

Well, to be fair 2020 had one more day, as it was a leap year.

For me 2020 will be in my memory forever. It will be the year where I had to close my store

three times! Which is not only devastating economically, but also because I absolutely love

my job and my profession. The reason I got into beauty and spa was to help my clients to

feel better about themselves.

In 2020 all this was not possible.

First, because of the Covid restrictions, we were not allowed to touch each other, but also because my clients had also financial damage to overcome and couldn’t spend it on their wellbeing. However it was a time were people needed a sympathetic touch and quality time more than ever.

Now another attempt of seeing my family this year just vanished, because my flight to

France has been cancelled now again. This has a massive impact on my mental health as

well, as I really miss seeing my friends, my family, especially the oldest ones. I’m scared that I will not have so many opportunities left to spend time with them.

Not many of you know this, not because I’m afraid to tell, but I also don’t provide this

information voluntarily. And many of you know me from my salon, where it should be all

about you anyway.

I have suffered from severe depression when I was a teenager. It got so bad that I had to be

hospitalised and treated medicamentous just to make it through. I had really dark days in

my life and the illness has stayed with me ever since.

As someone who has hit rock-bottom, I’m begging you not to give up.

- Stay positive, even though it might be impossible now

- Stay healthy, even though it is much more effort than it normally is

- Stay connected, even though the possibilities are a lot more restricted

- Take care of yourself, even though it takes all your willpower

I promise you there will be better times coming. I can feel it.

And I also promise we will get back together. Our world might look still different in the

future, but we will be back.

Please do reach out to me if you feel like you want to have a chat. I will be there to help and listen as always.

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