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Homeworking Tips in a non Massage World

If you're finding you're spending more time at home on a device, you may be feeling the effects on your body. We're not usually set up as well at home as in an office.

  • Are you using a decent office chair? Buy one- often found second hand - or ask your employer for one.

  • Is your laptop or tablet at the right height? Use books to prop it higher, and use a foot rest to avoid crossing your legs.

  • If your device has no keyboard and mouse, ensure you acquire these to avoid wrist or hand injury.

  • Take plenty of breaks and move around. Remind yourself with post-it notes stuck to tables or printers, or set your phone alarm to remind you

  • Shift your shoulders: lift them up to your head then drop them down quickly, rotate them slowly in both directions, clasp your hands behind your back to increase a stretch across your chest.

  • Use a foam roller like Manta which is great treatment for back pain and stiffness. Their website has so many helpful video to show how to use it! Add the code "mantalife" to enjoy a free shipping!

If you would like more personal advice, or if you have a particular problem at the moment, you can have a free 20 minute consultation with Moira our massage therapist. She can, for example, suggest some stretches, or guide you to touch points on your body where you could apply pressure easily and safely.

Simply click here to contact her and you can arrange a session to suit on Zoom, What's app or Facetime.

Now you are all set!

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